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Providing Project Management Software Development Solutions

Today's workplace can't afford to carry waste!

Intense global competition is forcing organizations to find sustainable ways to continually innovate to reduce costs, meet schedules and improve performance, it's clear that the companies that master these three aspects of innovation will be the tomorrow's market leaders.

That's why The System of Things (TSOT) Software is dedicated to providing full service Project Management for your Software Development Solutions.

By leveraging Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma and Agile Project Management principles, TSOT Software will help your organization eliminate waste one project at a time.

We'll work with you to review your Project Process, recommend cost effective software tools, and even help manage your next "killer app" Software Project.


Collaboration matters to your business. In a recent IBM CEO study, a remarkable 98% of CEOs said that collaborative innovation was their number one priority. Why? Big trends such as global competition and distributed workforces are dramatically shifting today's workplace.

TSOT can help you eliminate "Meeting Mediocracy" by providing you with management and software tools to help eliminate unnecessary, or watseful, meetings and allow your organization to increase productivity while elimiating waste within your work processes.

Contact us today for a free consult to see how we can help you complete that next software project or improve your internal work processes to eliminate waste and positively affect your bottom-line.

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