Home Vision

Our Vision

A Sustainable Planet.


Seem a bit large scale?
Well it is. The team at TSOT believes that effeiciency matters and wants to become a positive influence in all forms of industry to make it viable for anyone to share similar environmentally sound practices. To accomplish this, we plan to leverage the time saving benefits of modern technology and uphold our business values to provide a high level of quality to our customers.

Our strengths are in Project Management and Business Process Re-Engineering, that's why we focus on helping to bring great software to fruition, while leaving our customers with a set of tools and systems to help things get done.

Every little bit counts, that's why we've made the move to the paperless office, and are continuously looking for ways to automate and improve upon work flow processes within our own office.


Our Mission


We Value

  • Customers
  • Collaboration
  • Waste Reduction

As stereotypical as these three values may seem when read, our customers are the people who we collaborate with to help deliver their projects, on time, on budget and on spec. Living by these three values allows us to focus on whats important to our business success.